The Risk of Ignoring Routine HVAC Maintenance for Your Oklahoma Home

The Risk of Ignoring Routine HVAC Maintenance for Your Oklahoma HomeNot getting routine HVAC maintenance is not only false economy, it can reduce your household comfort level, degrade indoor air quality and even affect your warranty coverage. Today’s cooling and heating systems require professional preventive maintenance on a yearly basis.

Considering the complexity of the modern air conditioner or furnace and the average number of hours it operates every year, maintenance requirements are relatively minimal. However, the risk of ignoring routine HVAC maintenance can be substantial. Here are some good reasons not to ignore regular preventive maintenance.

Energy Inefficiency

A manufacturer’s published efficiency ratings for HVAC systems are always based on the assumption of regular professional maintenance. An air conditioner or furnace that’s not properly adjusted, cleaned and checked yearly inevitably consumes more gas or electricity as time passes. Original efficiency ratings no longer apply and monthly utility costs inevitably climb.

Frequent Repairs

Neglected air conditioners and furnaces break down more often—and almost always at the worst possible time. Unscheduled repairs and component replacements are far more costly than the once-a-year professional maintenance checks designed to prevent them.

Shorter Expected Service Life

Central air conditioners and furnaces have an average service lifespan of about 15 years. While there’s no guarantee that you can extend that usable life, you can definitely shorten it by neglecting proper upkeep. Make sure you get all the return on your original investment that you’re entitled to by keeping up with regular preventive maintenance by a qualified HVAC professional.

Potential Safety Issues

Gas-fired furnaces produce an open flame, very high temperatures and dangerous combustion byproducts including deadly carbon monoxide (CO) gas. A safety check including measuring CO levels in the furnace air stream is a critical part of annual heating system maintenance.

Warranty Issues

Most manufacturer warranties require annual maintenance to keep the warranty valid. If you require warranty service, you’ll need to prove that you’ve kept up with regular maintenance, so make sure you save invoices and receipts.

The risk of ignoring routine HVAC maintenance is too great. Contact the professionals at Davis Air Conditioning to schedule a maintenance visit today.

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