Smart Thermostats and Controls

Carrier Wi-Fi ThermostatsSmart thermostats are quickly becoming the industry standard. The ability to monitor and control your thermostat from anywhere with your smart phone or tablet has become a popular trend. While there are numerous options out there, we believe we can find the perfect application that fits your particular needs. Whether you want to control your home thermostat from anywhere in the world with an Internet-connected device or you prefer to keep things simple with a standard wall thermostat, we can find the right application for you.

CÔR™ Wifi Thermostat

Carrier CÔR™ Wifi ThermostatOne of the best products to achieve this functionality is Carrier’s new CÔR™ Wifi thermostats. They not only look good, but can control your thermostat and all your indoor air quality products with one device.

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