5 Simple Ways to Cut Your Home Heating Bills This Winter

5 Simple Ways to Cut Your Home Heating Bills This WinterEveryone would like a raise. Luckily, you can actually give yourself one this winter by learning how to cut your home heating bills. Some of these tips will also serve you well during the summer, if you want to cut your air conditioning bills.

How to Cut Your Home Heating Bills 

  • Install a programmable thermostat. You can save a lot of energy and money by installing a programmable thermostat. Program your thermostat at a lower temperature while everyone is sleeping at night or away during the day, and then program the temperature to rise a few degrees when everyone gets up in the morning or arrives home in the afternoon.
  • Install window film. Window film can cut your heat losses by as much as 50 percent. Use it on patio doors as well.
  • Seek out leaks around doors and windows by using a lit incense stick. Leaks let warm air escape, allowing cold air in. Seal your home with weatherstripping or caulk. Also, check for cold drafts around electric switches. You can use latex caulk for small gaps and insulating foam for larger gaps. Make sure to install door thresholds if you don’t have them, or if your door has shifted and there’s a crack at the bottom, adjust the threshold.
  • Replace worn caulk around cables, electrical lines and pipes. Caulk doesn’t last forever, and when it cracks, cold air can leak around openings in the exterior of your house.
  • Use a space heater. Portable heaters placed strategically throughout your home can also warm up your space. You don’t want to heat your entire home with portable electric heaters, but if you use them just to keep warm, while the home’s occupants are watching TV, eating a meal or working at the computer, you can diminish your overall heating bill significantly.

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