Attic Insulation Can Boost Energy Efficiency and Home Comfort

Attic Insulation Can Boost Energy Efficiency and Home ComfortMost homeowners are aware of the importance of insulation, though they may not know exactly why it’s so important. Insulation basically slows the transfer of heat between the inside and outside of your home. In the summer, it keeps the heat outside, and in the winter, it keeps the heat indoors. Attic insulation provides the most bang for your buck, and also happens to be the easiest to install. Proper attic insulation will boost energy efficiency and home comfort.

Why Is Attic Insulation So Effective?

In most homes, heat energy tends to rise toward the attic, and then escape through the roof. In the winter, this means you’re losing heat that your furnace or heat pump is creating, and the heating equipment has to work harder to compensate.

In the summer, heat builds up in the attic, and then radiates downward into your home. Your A/C has to work overtime to make up for that additional heat.

In each case, attic insulation with the correct R-value (thermal resistance) for your climate will slow that transfer of heat. Air sealing in attic walls and roof, as well as the attic floor and hatch, is also an important step in the process, since most common insulation types do little to slow air movement.

What Happens With Poor Insulation?

When your home has inferior insulation, including in the attic, your HVAC equipment will run more often, wasting energy, stressing parts, and requiring more maintenance and repairs. Your home will feel chillier in the winter and muggier and warmer in the summer.

When insulating the attic, you have a choice of loose-fill or batts (fiberglass rolls). While batt insulation is the easiest to lay down in the attic, installing loose-fill may require a professional, since it requires a special blowing machine (you can rent one yourself if you feel comfortable with the job). You can often mix the different types of insulation. In general, you’ll want to make sure the attic insulation rises to the tops of your floor joists.

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