For Long-Term Heat Pump Efficiency, Professional Sizing and Installation Go a Long Way

For Long-Term Heat Pump Efficiency, Professional Sizing and Installation Go a Long WayIf you’ve opted to install a new air-source heat pump in your home, you’re on the right track. An air-source heat pump, properly maintained, can triple the heat energy output of the electricity that runs the system, plus give you efficient cooling in the summer. Yet, it’s essential to make sure your new heat pump is sized and installed correctly.

Sizing a Heat Pump

You’ll get optimum heat pump efficiency if the system is sized to match the size, layout and other aspects of your home. Both undersized and oversized heat pumps will waste energy and struggle to properly heat and cool your home. Surprisingly, an oversized heat pump may cause more problems than one that’s too small. It will turn on and off frequently, wasting energy, stressing parts and providing unbalanced airflow. It will also deliver subpar humidity control and air filtration.

You’ll want to avoid an HVAC contractor who insists on calculating the size of your new heat pump based just on your home’s size or some other questionable, rule-of-thumb method.

A qualified contractor when sizing a heat pump system should use the Manual J sizing protocol to determine your home’s cooling and heating loads. This takes into account a variety of factors, in addition to your home’s square footage. These include your home’s layout, airtightness and insulation; sizes, types and location of windows; heat-producing appliances in your home; and more.

Installing the Heat Pump

New heat pump efficiency also will be affected by its installation. If installation is handled correctly by a professional HVAC contractor, you’ll be more likely to get optimum performance.

If ductwork needs to be installed or redesigned before your new heat pump installation, it should be located, if at all possible, within your home’s conditioned spaces. Locating ducts in unheated or non-air-conditioned areas can lead to energy waste.

Generally, the outside unit of your split-system heat pump should be installed on the north side of your house or in a spot that receives plenty of shade.

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