Top Reasons to Change Your Central A/C to a Heat Pump

Top Reasons to Change Your Central A/C to a Heat Pump Heat pumps are a great alternative to old gas-fired furnaces and central air conditioners, especially when it comes to home comfort. For southern regions of the country, like Oklahoma, where winters are more moderate, heat pumps are a viable heating option when its time to upgrade your central air conditioner.

Heat pumps both heat and cool by transferring heat. During the summer, your system’s indoor coil will absorb heat from your household air, compressing this heat energy in the refrigerant and moving it to the outside coil where it’s released into the outdoor air.

During the winter, your system will shift into heating mode. The two coils trade functions and the flow of refrigerant reverses — latent heat energy present in outdoor air is extracted and moved indoors to be dispersed into your ductwork, warming your home.

Upgrading to a heat pump instead of another central A/C lets homeowners eliminate the furnace as a winter heat source, consolidating heating and cooling functions in a single, high-efficiency unit. Other benefits of choosing a heat pump include:

Energy Savings

Because heat pumps utilize no combustion, efficiency losses common for gas-fired furnaces are a thing of the past. A heat pump typically produces four units of heating or cooling per one unit of electricity consumed. In many homes, this can reduce heating costs during winter by up to 30 percent.

Lower Maintenance

With all home comfort functions combined into one unit, regular upkeep is simpler and more straightforward than having to maintain an air conditioner and a separate gas-fired furnace. Additionally, heat pumps have a long service life — generally 15 years on average.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Gas heating releases CO2 into the environment, as well as other combustion byproducts. Because heat pumps utilize no flame and produce no gases, on-site pollution is effectively zero.

No Backdraft Risk

Eliminating the furnace also eliminates the danger of carbon monoxide and other dangerous combustion gases that can potentially backdraft into your living space.

For more benefits of choosing a heat pump for year-round comfort, contact Davis Air Conditioning today.

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