Is a Geothermal System Right for Your Home? Consider the Following

Is a Geothermal System Right for Your Home? Consider the FollowingGeothermal heating and cooling systems – also known as geothermal or ground-source heat pumps – are becoming increasingly popular across the country, and Southwest Oklahoma is no different. Geothermal systems are highly efficient and operate at a lower cost than conventional systems. So, how do you know whether a geothermal system is right for your home?

Assessing Your Property for Geothermal

Geothermal heat pumps rely on moderate temperatures in the ground several feet below the surface. The good news is that moderate underground temperatures are common across the United States. While geothermal systems can be installed on almost any property, factors involving geology, hydrology and the size of your yard will determine what type of ground loop system is best.

Geology: If the rocks in the soil around your home contain good heat-transfer properties, less piping will be necessary. The heat can be absorbed into a shorter length of ground loop, which typically contains a water/anti-freeze solution. The opposite condition – poor heat-transfer properties – means your installer will need more space for the ground loop. The type of rock will also affect the decision on whether to install a horizontal ground loop or a vertical one.

Hydrology: The availability of ground or surface water also plays a role in the type of loop system you choose and whether your system will run through a body of water (rather than underground) or use local water. Factors such as volume, depth and water quality will also affect these decisions.

Land availability: Other factors, such as the size of your property and the layout of structures and landscaping, will affect geothermal system decisions. Horizontal loop systems are generally the best choice for properties with sufficient land, since they’re cheaper to install. But sometimes, because of yard size, landscaping or other factors, a vertical loop system will be the only feasible choice.

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