Properly Inspect the HVAC System in Your Home

Properly Inspect the HVAC System in Your HomeThe U.S. Department of Energy recommends getting a professional tune-up for your HVAC system before the heating and cooling seasons begin. However, there are a couple things you can do yourself in between maintenance appointments to ensure your unit stays in peak condition.

Having a system that’s in tip-top shape means it will operate as energy efficiently as possible, saving money on your monthly utility bills and decreasing the chance you’ll need expensive repair work done in the future. Learn how to conduct your own HVAC system inspection today.

Home HVAC System Inspection Checklist

  • Check the thermostat to make sure it’s operating properly in both the heating and cooling function. Then, remove the cover and clean any dirt with a Q-tip. Change the batteries, if necessary.
  • Examine the air filters and change or clean them if needed. Dirty air filters restrict airflow, which puts added strain on your system and increases energy consumption.
  • Inspect the grills and registers to see if they need cleaning, as dirt buildup can hinder airflow through these airways as well.
  • Check your ductwork where possible to see if there are any problem spots, such as gaps or disconnected areas. Repair these sources of air loss with metal fasteners and/or sealant.
  • Take a visual inventory of your unit’s condition to see if you think any parts may need replacing (this may need to be done by a professional).
  • See if there are obstructions in the condensate drain as clogs can cause water issues and damage your unit.
  • Clean the air conditioning coils if you notice a buildup of dirt. This will improve your system’s cooling efficiency.
  • Look at the flame in your furnace. It should be a steady blue flame rather than a flickering red or orange flame, which may indicate combustion issues that require professional assistance.
  • Make sure there aren’t any loose electrical connections after turning the circuit breakers off. Make sure to turn the circuit breakers back on once your inspection is complete.

For more tips on performing your own HVAC system inspection in your Southwest Oklahoma home, please contact Davis Air Conditioning today.

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