Tips for Selecting the Best Humidifier for Your Home

Tips for Selecting the Best Humidifier for Your HomeThe best humidifier can keep the humidity in your home at a healthy level to prevent problems with your home’s structure, contents and health. The ideal humidity level ranges between 30 to 50 percent. If it dips below 30 percent, wooden products can dry and crack, and airborne bacteria and viruses may be easier to contract.

Portable or Whole-House

Portable and whole-house humidifiers can add moisture to the air, but portable devices can increase the humidity in just a small portion of your home. Using a tabletop or portable unit also requires a good deal of work for cleaning and filling. A whole-house system connected to a forced-air HVAC system fills itself automatically and only needs infrequent cleanings.

Cold Air or Warm Air Humidifiers

Cold air humidifiers can increase moisture in the air, but at the expense of comfort, since it relies on the evaporation process. Whenever water evaporates, it takes tremendous amounts of heat from the surrounding air. As a consequence, the air will cool down, which is counterproductive during the heating season.

Warm air or steam humidifiers add humidity by heating water and creating steam. This process warms the air and renders any bacteria or viruses in the water harmless. Steam sterilizes and also eliminates problems associated with hard water deposits, unlike cold air systems that can leave a powdery white hard water residue as the droplets evaporate or fall to the floor.


The best humidifiers will contain a humidistat, similar to a thermostat. After setting the ideal level for your health and comfort, the humidistat will turn the system on and off automatically. Having precise control over your humidifier’s operation can help you avoid an overly dry or humid home.

Energy Efficiency

Unless your home is exceptionally small, you may need more than one humidifier to maintain optimal humidity levels. Operating several portable humidifiers at once will likely use more energy than a single whole-house system and take substantially more work to keep them filled and maintained.

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