Great Upgrades for Energy-Efficient Homes

Great Upgrades for Energy-Efficient Homes While you may think your home is pretty energy efficient, you likely still have room to make a number of improvements before joining the ranks of truly efficient homes. Here are some relatively simple steps and upgrades you can make to save more energy and money in your Southwest Oklahoma home:

Schedule an energy audit. While some utility companies offer basic energy audits for free, you can pay a professional energy auditor to do a comprehensive inspection of your home. Using both his know-how and high-tech diagnostics, the auditor will identify places where your home is losing or gaining heat, depending on the season. He’ll also recommend where you can seal air leaks and add insulation to achieve a more airtight home. Depending on your own handiness, you can either undertake these weatherization tasks yourself or hire a professional.

Check and upgrade windows and doors. Once you’ve found any air leaks around windows and doors, you can proceed to seal them with weatherstripping and caulk. You can do this by replacing old weatherstripping around doors and movable parts of windows, and applying caulk to holes and gaps around fixed windows. You can also use drapes or blinds to add a layer of warm insulation during the winter and to block solar heat gain during the summer.

Add insulation. Most homes can benefit from more insulation, especially in the attic, which tends to experience the most heat loss and gain. A professional can inspect your home and tell you where to apply insulation for the most heat resistance.

Install a programmable thermostat. It’s no surprise that lowering your thermostat temperature when nobody’s home during the winter, or raising it when the home is empty in the summer, can save both energy and utility dollars. Luckily, a programmable thermostat can help you do just that. These “smart” devices allow you to set energy-saving temperatures ahead of time to fit your weekly and daily schedules.

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