Prevent Household Contamination with Negative Pressure Duct Cleaning

Prevent Household Contamination with Negative Pressure Duct CleaningNegative pressure duct cleaning is the most effective method to remove contaminants from ductwork, so they don’t end up in your indoor air. As a typical residential HVAC system circulates air at a volume of more than 1,000 cubic feet per minute, overtime, particulates and pollutants suspended in the air accumulate in the ductwork. Eventually, the ducts become a permanent reservoir of dust, dirt and even toxic microorganisms like mold and bacteria, continuously circulating these contaminates into and out of your living spaces.

Because large spans of ductwork are not readily accessible, specialized techniques are required to clean your system without contaminating the air in your home. Negative pressure duct cleaning uses compressed air, custom tools and a powerful vacuum to reach all areas for comprehensive decontamination. This process happens in four phases:

  • Technicians utilize supply and return vents, while also removing duct end caps and inspection plates to directly access as much of the total span of ductwork as possible. Where necessary, small access holes may be cut in strategic locations to accommodate tools, and then professionally resealed after cleaning.
  • Interior duct surfaces are scrubbed and agitated with air-driven brushes, compressed air nozzles and other tools to break loose the accumulated dust and debris.
  • As agitation dislodges contaminants in each segment of ductwork, a powerful vacuum is connected at an access opening. Under suction force, particulates and debris are removed from the ductwork and channeled into plastic bags, which are sealed and removed from the premises for disposal. Air from the vacuum exhaust then passes through a HEPA-grade filter to prevent re-contamination of household air.
  • After the ductwork is cleaned, ancillary components in the system airflow, such as the A/C evaporator coil, furnace plenum and blower, are also removed and cleaned. The duct system is then fully restored to operating condition. Any access holes are sealed, as well as all HVAC components and the new filter.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “Kichigin/Shutterstock”