Haven’t Kept Up With Air Filter Maintenance? Here Are 3 Reasons You Should

Haven't Kept Up With Air Filter Maintenance? Here Are 3 Reasons You ShouldMany homeowners take their central heating or cooling system’s air filter for granted. They’ll leave the same one in place for months and even years at a time. However, by doing this, they’re likely harming their HVAC equipment, shortchanging their household budget and impairing their home’s indoor air quality. Find out why it’s important to keep up with air filter maintenance in your Southwest Oklahoma home.

Extend HVAC System Life

When your furnace, heat pump or A/C filter gets clogged with airborne particulates, many particles end up coating sensitive system components. This can cause unwanted friction in the blower motor, interfere with proper burner operation in a furnace and coat indoor coils in your A/C or heat pump.

Anything that gets in the way of proper air circulation and heat exchange will make your system work harder to do its job. Ultimately, this can result in extra future repairs and a shorter service lifespan.

Improve Efficiency

When your air filter gets clogged with dust and debris, it’ll have a harder time flowing through the system. Your equipment will have to work harder and expend more energy to get the same results. You might even experience higher energy bills due this poor air distribution. Smooth airflow is imperative for all central heating and cooling systems, and without a clean air filter, you’re not going to get it.

Cleaner Air

A fresh air filter will do a better job of trapping airborne particulates than one that’s clogged or dirty. However, once the filter fills up with particles of dust, debris and various micro-organisms, there’s a greater chance of particulates getting past the filter and into your ductwork and indoor air, increasing the likelihood of adverse health effects, including allergies, breathing disorders and other issues.

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