Why Seek Professional Help to Repair Holes in HVAC Ducts?

Why Seek Professional Help to Repair Holes in HVAC Ducts?Although your HVAC ducts are likely hidden away, they still need regular attention. Over time, ductwork can come loose as sealant deteriorates and ducts expand and contract with airflow. What’s more, small holes can occur from corrosion or rodent damage. It’s important to have your ductwork inspected annually by a professional HVAC technician, so you’re not wasting energy.

Here’s a primer on what your service pro will do during your inspection, so you can familiarize yourself with the process:

Repairing Leaks

  • Before getting to work, your contractor should have all materials assembled, including mastic sealant. This is a gummy natural substance well suited for repairing ductwork.
  • If you’re sealing joints, use mesh or foil-backed butyl tape. Despite its name, duct tape isn’t appropriate for mending ducts, as it deteriorates very quickly.
  • Next, turn off your HVAC system and clean the area thoroughly.
  • Using a brush, caulking gun, trowel, putty knife or gloved hand, apply the mastic in a continuous, even coating.
  • Leave at least half an inch of overlap around the joints, cracks or holes in your ducts. Before sealing the joints, make sure the sections are secured with sheet metal screws.
  • For joints under stress, wrap mesh tape to reinforce after sealing. Then, wrap the tape around at least three times.
  • To make holes, cut out pieces of sheet metal that are at least an inch larger around than the hole, and affix an edge of the patch to the side of your ducts with self-tapping sheet metal screws.
  • Then, seal the patch with mastic. You can also wrap butyl tape around the duct to cover the hole.

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