How Does Duct Cleaning Benefit Your Home and HVAC System?

How Does Duct Cleaning Benefit Your Home and HVAC System?The more we learn about poor indoor air quality, the more our concern rises. According to NADCA (North American Duct Cleaning Association), 40 pounds of dust are generated annually in the average six-room home from everyday activities. Some studies have shown that indoor air in the typical American home is more polluted than outdoor air, since most homes are airtight and have little ventilation.


Among the pollutants homeowners are most concerned about include mold, pollen, dust, pet dander and chemicals. While a good ventilation or filtration system can help with some of these particulates, for others, homeowners may want to consider duct cleaning.

In most airtight homes, contaminants — including some of those mentioned above — are drawn into HVAC systems and are recirculated five to seven times a day, which may cause buildup in ducts. While dirty ducts alone are not always a cause for alarm, they could be harboring contaminants that are a concern to those who suffer from allergies, have autoimmune disorders or have respiratory issues.

Contaminants that build up in ductwork can also cause an HVAC system to slow down and run less efficiently.

Signs You Might Need Duct Cleaning

Some signs your ducts may need to be cleaned, include:

  • Accumulation of dust after you’ve just cleaned your home
  • An increase in allergies and respiratory problems
  • Musty odor from vents
  • Scurrying sounds, odors or droppings that indicate presence of rodents

How It’s Done

Professional duct cleaning can be done in a number of ways, but a typical procedure involves using suction, while power brushing the inside walls of the ducts. After brushing, a “forward skipper” is snaked through the register, toward the main duct, distributing compressed air to loosen debris and dirt. A “reverse skipper” employs a similar process to clean the main duct and likewise loosen dirt. Combustion components and the furnace are cleaned, as are the fan and motor.

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