Essential Troubleshooting Tips for a Malfunctioning A/C System

Essential Troubleshooting Tips for a Malfunctioning A/C SystemWhen your A/C system sits idle for the winter, it needs a little help to get in gear for spring and summer. Spring A/C maintenance is always a good idea to ensure your A/C is working at peak performance, and to catch small problems before they cause big repair bills. If you’re experiencing A/C problems, try these troubleshooting tips to make sure it’s not a minor issue before calling a pro.

Check the Thermostat

  • Settings: If the A/C isn’t powering on, set the thermostat to “cool” and “on”, rather than “auto”. Double-check that the set point is well below room temperature. If you’ve upgraded your thermostat recently, check the terminals to ensure wires are securely attached.
  • Anticipator: The thermostat heat anticipator literally anticipates when the home will reach the set point temperature. This device prevents the A/C from cycling on too frequently when room temperature hovers near the set point. If the setting waits too long to activate cooling to your comfort, remove the thermostat cover and adjust the metal lever.
  • Limit switch: The limit switch is a safety feature that shuts down the A/C when components overheat or some other problem occurs. Check to make sure it wasn’t turned off. It’s near the air handler and looks like a typical light switch.

Cooling Problems

  • Clean essential components: Airflow obstructions can create air pressure variances at the supply registers. Check registers for debris, clean as needed and make sure they’re open. Check the air filter; a dirty filter can substantially block airflow and hinder cooling performance at the evaporator. Spray off the condenser located in the outside unit. It tends to collect debris during winter.
  • Duct leaks:  If airflow is unbalanced at the registers, inspect the ducts for separations (fallen duct joints) and air leaks. Seal with metal tape.

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