Tips for Selecting the Best HVAC Installer for Your Home Needs

Tips for Selecting the Best HVAC Installer for Your Home NeedsThe quality of your HVAC installer has a direct impact on the performance of the new system and your satisfaction with it. Since new HVAC equipment is an investment, it’s important to find professionals who will follow the highest standards for equipment selection and placement.

Selecting an Experienced, Qualified HVAC Installer

  • Look for a current license, insurance and bonding. They need insurance and bonding to financially protect you while they perform work on your property.
  • Be wary of a contractor who will give you a price over the phone without visiting your home. Selecting and installing new equipment requires an extensive analysis of your home and its site.
  • Choose one who has advanced certifications from the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) or North American Technician Excellence (NATE). These certifications indicate that the contractor has met more stringent qualifications and performance standards.
  • Work with an HVAC contractor who will run a load calculation for your home as the first step in choosing a new HVAC system. Installing equipment that’s too large or small results in higher energy bills, less comfort and a shorter lifetime. Contractors use Manual J software to run this detailed calculation, and although it takes time and effort to complete, it’s the only way to know the capacity of the new system matches your home as precisely as possible.
  • Don’t select an HVAC installer based on the lowest estimate. An HVAC system lasts for at least a decade, and the immediate savings may end up costing you more in the long term. While the energy efficiency rating of the new equipment matters, a poor installation will increase energy costs and reduce the system’s lifetime. If you’re considering using the lowest bidder, be certain you go over the equipment specifics and the warranty coverage before signing the contract.
  • Look for a contractor who provides emergency service 24/7. Your comfort, and to a degree, your health, depend on staying comfortable year-round.

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