Learn How Your Southwestern Oklahoma Air Conditioner Functions

Learn How Your Southwestern Oklahoma Air Conditioner FunctionsSummer would be a lot less comfortable without a well-functioning air conditioner to take heat from inside your home and disperse it outdoors. If you’ve ever wondered exactly how your air conditioner does its job, here’s a look at its key components and how they function.

  • This is the user interface for your cooling system. If it’s a programmable model that lets you program in daily temperature setbacks, you have optimal control of both comfort and energy savings.
  • Inside your indoor air handler unit (AHU) sits the evaporator coil. As cooling system refrigerant flows through the copper tubing of this crucial component, it picks up heat and humidity from your indoor air as it changes from a liquid to a gas.
  • Also situated in the AHU is the blower fan that makes home cooling possible. It draws in warm indoor air through the HVAC system return ducts, sends it over the evaporator coil for cooling, then pushes the newly cooled air out through the supply ducting to every room.
  • Air filter. When household air is pulled into the AHU, it often carries particles that can harm the equipment. The role of the air filter that sits just inside the unit is to capture debris in the incoming air before it gets to the evaporator, blower and other components.
  • The box-like A/C unit that sits outdoors contains a compressor pump to pressurize the heat-laden refrigerant arriving from the evaporator and sends it to the condenser that sits inside the same unit.
  • The condenser is another coil of copper tubing. As pressurized refrigerant sent from the compressor travels through the coil, it converts from a gas back to a liquid. In the process, the heat captured indoors is released into the outdoor air.
  • Outdoor fan. Positioned at the top of the outdoor unit is a cooling fan that’s in place to increase airflow over the condenser coil and boost the efficiency of the heat transfer process.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “Stuart Miles/Shutterstock”