Signs That Indicate Your Air Ducts May Need Cleaning

Signs That Indicate Your Air Ducts May Need CleaningYou’ve probably seen the ads for air duct cleaning, but you wonder if it’s really necessary or is it just a come-on to spend more of your hard-earned cash? After all, before you spend good money for the process, you want to know the benefits. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that if no one in the home is suffering from severe allergies, duct cleaning may not be necessary for health reasons. However, your HVAC system may operate more efficiently after a good cleaning.

Signs Air Duct Cleaning Is Warranted

Fortunately, there are a few signs to guide you toward the correct decision:

  • Recent remodeling is a good reason to consider the work. If the home was filled with sawdust and drywall dust, air duct cleaning makes sense.
  • If the ducts haven’t been cleaned for several years, your HVAC system may benefit from a good duct cleaning. Removal of cobwebs and debris can increase efficiency by as much as 40 percent.
  • Dust accumulation inside the registers is also a good reason to have your ducts cleaned. Remove a register cover to see if the dust trail ends near the register. If the trail leads off into the system, dust and debris may be interrupting the airflow.
  • Visible mold, rodent droppings and dead insects also tell you that professional cleaning is needed.
  • Dust particles blowing out of supply registers is another clear indication of problems, although the register cover itself may be the issue. Cleaning that first may eliminate the problem. If the dust builds back up quickly, schedule a professional duct cleaning.

Before you engage a company to clean the ducts, make sure the technicians hold the proper certifications. Ask for details about the cleaning process. Look for truck-mounted power vacuums rather than portables.

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