Prevent Indoor Air Pollution with Professional Duct Cleaning

Prevent Indoor Air Pollution with Professional Duct CleaningThe air in your home circulates seven times a day through your HVAC system. This means that if you have an airtight home with little ventilation, you’re probably breathing in pollutants that have built up in your ducts over time. Professional duct cleaning is one way to ensure these pollutants are removed from your home environment. 

Trapped Pollutants

Some pollutants, like dust, pollen, pet dander and mold spores, can waft through your home’s air, stick on surfaces and rise up when disturbed. These same pollutants are then pulled through your HVAC system and recirculated. Other pollutants, like bacteria and mold, can affix to the lining of your ducts. To properly remove these particulates, they must be agitated by rotary brushes or compressed air.

Duct cleaning professionals will go through your supply and return grilles, as well as the end caps and service openings in your ducts. Cleaners may have to drill holes through your ductwork to access hard-to-reach areas, after which they’ll close them up.

Negative Pressure

During the agitation procedure, the duct cleaner will vacuum dislodged contaminants into a receptacle. To prevent pollutants from entering your home’s air, negative pressure is applied to your ducts. Registers and openings in the ductwork are sealed except for a single opening adjacent to the point where the cleaning equipment is.

A truck-mounted or portable vacuum hose, 8 inches in diameter, is then affixed to the opening and turned on. Pulling air out at 10,000 cubic feet per minute, the vacuum keeps particulates from entering your home’s air supply. This lets the cleaning tools do their job properly.

The vacuum pulls air through a HEPA, or high efficiency particulate air filter. The filter cleans 99 percent of the pollutants to a size of 0.1 micron from the air. Mold, bacteria, viruses, as well as inorganic particulates, can be effectively removed with this filter.

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