6 Sounds Your Lawton Air Conditioner Should Never Make

6 Sounds Your Lawton Air Conditioner Should Never MakeIt’s completely normal for your central A/C to make certain noises that you’ve no doubt become accustomed to hearing. However, new or alarming noises can be a warning that a serious issue is developing. If you’re hearing any of these air conditioner sounds, it’s wise to have the cooling system promptly checked.


If there’s a buzzing sound and it’s difficult to locate the exact source, you may have a potentially serious issue somewhere in the electrical system. Problems with electrical contacts, a circuit breaker, thermostat or a compressor relay switch increase the risk of fire and need to be diagnosed and repaired right away.

Clanking or Rattling

This type of sound coming from the outdoor unit can indicate a motor mount, fan blade or other hardware has worked loose. If you’re hearing loud rattling or thumping from the indoor blower unit, the blower assembly may be loose or out of alignment. If the problematic part isn’t located and re-secured, it can fly off and seriously damage nearby components.


It’s normal to hear a brief squealing sound when the air conditioner first starts up. If the noise continues, though, it may be due to a slipped or worn fan belt that needs attention before it breaks and prevents the blower from turning.


A loud squeaking sound can point to a lack of lubrication on the motor bearings. Depending on the equipment, your HVAC contractor may be able to solve this issue by adding the proper type of lubricant through the unit’s oil ports.

High-Pitched Screaming or Hissing

If these types of noises are originating in the outdoor compressor, it’s typically a sign of dangerously high internal pressure in the unit. For safety, shut the compressor down and call for professional help.


Bubbling or gurgling sounds in the compressor or refrigerant lines point to a refrigerant leak that a skilled technician needs to pinpoint and repair before serious equipment damage occurs.

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