Maintaining Your Geothermal System: What Every Homeowner Should Know

Maintaining Your Geothermal System: What Every Homeowner Should KnowGeothermal systems are known for being reliable and with fewer maintenance requirements than traditional furnace and air conditioning installations. But properly maintaining a geothermal system can still deliver a boost to your system’s efficiency and longevity. Here’s what you should keep in mind.

Air Filters

The air filter should never be allowed to clog up. As dust from your home is caught by the filter, it will slowly shut off airflow through the filter, making the blower fan work harder to draw air through. Change the filter every month to keep air flowing and dust out of your unit.


The vents in your home should be open and unobstructed. Move any furniture or clutter that may block the vents and inspect them from time to time for signs of dust or debris buildup inside your ducts.

The Thermostat

Keep the thermostat set and test it from time to time. Look for a thermostat that’s wired into your home’s electricity, but if you do need to use a battery-powered thermostat, change the batteries frequently.

Condensation Pans

Check the condensation pans from time to time to make sure there’s no standing water. If your pan isn’t draining, remove any obstruction and clean it with a diluted bleach solution. If water builds up, it can promote mold and mildew growth and raise the humidity in your home.

Indicator Lights

Be familiar with your system’s indicator lights and know what each one means. Your owner’s manual should explain any warning signs, as well as the steps you need to take if an indicator light goes off.

Professional Maintenance

When scheduling installation, maintenance or repair, go with an HVAC contractor who’s NATE certified, as well as licensed, bonded and insured. Schedule maintenance once a year so that your HVAC professionals can examine antifreeze or refrigerant levels in your system, replace any worn parts, and examine the system for any trouble on the horizon.

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