Energy Conservation Tips Any Southwest OK Business Can Benefit From

Energy Conservation Tips Any Southwest OK Business Can Benefit FromPaying utility bills for a business can be a painful experience. As water, gas and electric rates continue to rise, it pays to conserve energy whenever you can. Here are some energy conservation tips for businesses that will keep your utility bills from sinking the bottom line:

  • Install a programmable thermostat. This will help you gain control of your HVAC system’s heating/cooling cycles.
  • Close the doors. From freight doors to front doors, be sure that your business is as sealed as possible. This will prevent cooled/heated air from escaping.
  • Invest in energy efficient lighting. LED bulbs pay for themselves in the form of lower utility bills. They also last longer.
  • Upgrade your insulation. Make sure that your building is adequately insulated and that equipment is properly shielded to prevent heat gain from unduly warming up your facility.
  • Turn things off. Computers and other equipment that don’t need to be turned on all the time should be shut off or put into sleep-mode when not in use.
  • Shield the exterior. Investing in a ceramic coating for your building can reduce heat gain and heat loss. It will also last longer than traditional paints, which will positively impact your maintenance budget.
  • Invest in solar. If you have a large roof area, then you have ample space for solar cells and solar water heaters. Both can help you reduce your reliance on the power grid.
  • Service your HVAC system. Regular maintenance will go a long way towards ensuring your system operates efficiently. A properly maintained system will also last longer, prolonging it’s operational lifespan.
  • Install solar film and/or curtains on windows. These reduce exposure to UV radiation and block solar heat gain which helps you better control your indoor climate.

We encourage you to contact Davis Air Conditioning for more energy conservation tips for businesses that you can use in southwest Oklahoma. We’ll be glad to answer your questions and to tell you more about the services we offer.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in the Lawton and Duncan, Oklahoma area about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).

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