Enhance Home Energy Efficiency with Professional Duct Maintenance

Enhance Home Energy Efficiency with Professional Duct MaintenanceWith hot, dry summers and snowy winters, southwest Oklahoma’s weather takes a toll on your heating and cooling system, including the ductwork. Regular duct maintenance helps ensure any problems with your ductwork are caught and corrected before they cause serious trouble.

Duct Maintenance Brings Greater Comfort and Savings

Even though your air ducts are hidden away, there’s a lot that can go wrong with them. Normal vibrations can cause joints and register connections to loosen and leak air. Improperly installed ducts are also prone to leakage, as are ducts damaged during renovations or other work on the house. In some homes, the ducts leak as much as 30 percent of their air they carry. This wastes energy, contributes to moisture and mold problems, and can spread mold spores, carbon monoxide fumes and other air contaminants.

Ducts also lose energy when not sufficiently insulated. Blockages are another problem than can impair your duct system’s efficiency. Collapsed flex-duct, torn insulation or even lost kids’ toys can get stuck in the ducts, impairing normal airflow, posing a fire hazard and causing a pressure imbalance that can damage your furnace or A/C components.

How Your Technician Can Help

To reduce air leakage, your technician can properly fit your duct connections and seal them with mastic or metal-backed tape. Damaged ducts can be repaired or replaced. By doing this, your technician can bring your duct leakage down to as little as five percent.

To further improve the ductwork’s efficiency, insulation can be installed on ducts in unconditioned spaces such as the attic.

Using diagnostic tools to measure airflow, the technician can pinpoint any blockages in the ducts and remove them. As part of duct maintenance, your technician will inspect your ducts for signs they need cleaning. This includes dust buildup, moisture or mold and evidence of a pest infestation.

Altogether, duct maintenance can:

  • Improve your system’s energy efficiency.
  • Ensure more even temperature throughout the house.
  • Protect your indoor air quality.
  • Reduce risk of fires.
  • Protect your system’s components.

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