Here’s How to Maintain Good IAQ While Remodeling

Here's How to Maintain Good IAQ While RemodelingHome remodeling stirs up dust, and your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ) can quickly go downhill during the project. The dust in the air may seem harmless, but it can contain many hazardous substances that are harmful to your family’s health. Keep a healthy home environment by maintaining IAQ while remodeling. 

Have Your Home Inspected

Before starting the project, call on a contractor to look for substances that could pose a serious health hazard if disturbed. These include asbestos and lead. Asbestos was commonly used in the past as a fire retardant and is present in many older homes. When particles are released into the air and breathed in, asbestos can cause lung disorders, including certain cancers. Lead, often found in old paint, can damage the brain and other organs. The contractor can suggest remediation services if harmful substances are found.

Isolate Work Areas

Secure plastic sheeting to keep dust and other particulates confined to the work area and out of the rest of the home. Tools and other items used during remodeling should be left in the workspace during breaks. Place mats outside the work area for workers to wipe their feet, or use shoe covers to avoid tracking dust.

Seal off Ductwork

Prevent particulates from circulating through the air vents by sealing off registers and ductwork during the remodeling. This will also prevent the dust from getting into your HVAC unit and causing problems.


Ventilation is important during all remodeling phases. Open windows and doors, and face fans to blow inside air outdoors.

Clean as You Go

Along with dust, remodeling can stir up allergens like mold, as well as biological contaminants such as rodent or insect droppings. To keep airborne exposure of these pollutants to a minimum, clean up mold and other problems as you go rather than waiting until the end of the project. For example, after removing an old wall, get rid of the debris, and then sanitize the area before continuing with remodeling work.

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