Great Reasons to Consider a Variable-Speed Air Handler for Your A/C Upgrade

Great Reasons to Consider a Variable-Speed Air Handler for Your A/C UpgradeWhen an aging A/C is seriously acting up, whether it’s condensate drain problems, failing electrical components or a grinding air handler motor, it’s time to shop around for a new system. New cooling systems deliver superior efficiency and comfort than older models, and variable-speed technology plays an essential role in the efficiency of newer A/Cs. If you’re shopping for an air conditioning replacement, make sure it has a variable-speed air handler.

Lower Cooling Bills

The components that consume the lion’s share of electricity in an A/C or heat pump are the compressor and air handler. The air handler must use a powerful motor to pull and push airflow through the air ducts and home. Operating at 100 percent capacity as conventional A/Cs do takes a toll on the components and your pocketbook.

Variable-speed air handlers offer an efficient alternative no matter how hot and hazy it is outside. Variable-speed technology curbs high energy consumption by adjusting airflow output in real time according to the actual cooling demand.

Uniform Comfort

Standard air conditioners only operate at one speed: 100 percent capacity. The home is quickly cooled, and then the A/C shuts down and the home warms up to uncomfortable temperatures. These cool and warm temperature swings can be a nuisance and noise disturbance. With a variable-speed air handler, you don’t experience these discomforts. Airflow is smooth and quiet for uniform comfort in each area of your home.

Humidity Control

If it’s not too hot, then it’s too sticky. High indoor humidity is a problem for many homes. It invites mold growth and the proliferation of dust mites and other microorganisms and allergens. Your cooling system helps control indoor humidity as water vapor condenses on the evaporator coil.

Variable-speed air handlers can operate at slower speeds for longer cooling cycles. Overall, an A/C equipped with a variable-speed air handler typically cycles more airflow volume than conventional air conditioners. This means more moisture is removed from your home.

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