Learn What Causes a Wet Air Filter and Tips to Prevent It

Learn What Causes a Wet Air Filter and Tips to Prevent ItThe air filter is a vital part of the HVAC system. It protects components from dirt and debris that can cause damage. The filter also drives cooling and heating performance if it is regularly changed, fits properly and remains dry. If you notice that you have a wet air filter, it may actually be a sign of a more substantial problem in the HVAC system.

It’s important to resolve the problem or problems causing wet air filters in your HVAC system. A wet air filter restricts airflow to the A/C and furnace, which can cause the blower motor to fail and the evaporator to freeze up. Additionally, a wet air filter encourages mold, mildew and bacterial growth inside the ducts, and these contaminants may spread to the living spaces.

Causes for a Wet Air Filter

High indoor humidity is a problem for many Southwest Oklahoma homeowners during the cooling months. High indoor humidity doesn’t directly affect the filter or cause it to become wet, though water vapor in return airflow may have an incidental impact on surrounding components as it condenses on the cold evaporator coil.

Depending on the location of your evaporator and air filter, condensate drain leaks can pool at the bottom of the unit and absorb into the filter. If your filter is wet, check the condensate pan for overflowing water. If this is the case, you can try to clear the line or drain trap with a plumber’s snake, followed up with a 50/50 bleach and water solution. For the best results, contact your HVAC professional to handle this job.

If your A/C system is located in the attic, it’s more susceptible to condensation forming on the ductwork. This occurs because attics are generally extremely hot during the cooling months and the cold airflow inside the ducts causes condensation on exterior duct walls. Insulate air ducts in the attic to prevent condensation and to boost cooling and heating efficiency.

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