When Performing A/C Maintenance, Here’s What Your HVAC Pro Should Check

When Performing A/C Maintenance, Here's What Your HVAC Pro Should CheckA/C maintenance is an essential part of the spring home maintenance that keeps your Southwest Oklahoma home cool and your A/C operating efficiently. If you skipped A/C maintenance last season, there’s no better time than the present to bring in your HVAC pro for a system tune-up. The following steps outline what your HVAC pro should check.

Airflow Measurements and Ductwork

Free and balanced airflow across A/C components and through the home is vital to maximize comfort and cooling efficiency. Airflow is measured at the blower, each supply outlet and at the return grilles. If unbalanced airflow is detected, your HVAC pro will discuss with you all the possible remedies.

The air ducts are visually checked for holes, fallen ducts, leaky seams and insulation. Ductwork problems are often the cause for unbalanced airflow and higher cooling and heating bills.

Refrigerant Charge

Refrigerant is the substance used to extract heat from warm return airflow and release the heat outside your home. Refrigerant charge is checked and should be within an ounce or two of manufacturer specifications. If refrigerant is lost or low, the evaporator, condenser and refrigerant lines need to be inspected for leaks. If you stick with the same HVAC pro each year, he or she can compare results with past maintenance checks.

Condensate Drain

Condensate drainage is an important function in the A/C system. Water vapor in warm airflow condenses on the cold evaporator. Several gallons of condensate can form and drain away during high A/C usage periods.

The condensate pan is checked for cracks or corrosion and standing water. Standing water signals a problem with the condensate drain pitch or a clog in the line or trap.

Clean Components

Keeping A/C components clean boosts performance and keeps more energy dollars in your pocketbook. The indoor air handler, condensate drain and the components in the outdoor cabinet are thoroughly cleaned to promote free airflow and heat exchange.

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