Why Indoor and Outdoor A/C Units Should Be Replaced at the Same Time

Why Indoor and Outdoor A/C Units Should Be Replaced at the Same TimeEven if only one half of your central air conditioner needs replacement now, it’s always advisable to replace indoor and outdoor units together. The indoor evaporator coil and outdoor condenser coil are designed to be a matched set. There are good reasons to replace indoor and outdoor A/C units at the same time and bad things that can happen if you don’t.

Efficiency Ratings Depend on Matched Components

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating that expresses the energy efficiency and operating costs of your air conditioner is based on matching indoor and outdoor units. Replacing one side with an upgraded component while leaving the other side with an existing OEM part will result in SEER performance that is not improved. In fact, it may likely be substantially worse than the original, matched system.

Old Tech and New Tech Don’t Mix

The old design and engineering incorporated into your original system may not be compatible with newer technology of a replacement component. This mismatch may severely hamper cooling performance as well as reduce the expected service life of both the old and the new parts.

The Other Half Will Fail Soon Anyway

As with any mechanical device, individual components of an air conditioner are all engineered to have a similar expected service life. If either the indoor or outdoor half of the system has reached the failure point and must be replaced, it’s a good bet that the remaining half will soon require replacement, as well. Replacing both the indoor and outdoor halves at the same time is always more cost-efficient.

Your Warranty Depends on Matched Components

The warranty terms on your original air conditioner probably won’t extend to new components that aren’t matched to existing parts. Indeed, the warranty on existing parts may be voided, too. Should you opt to replace only the indoor components, for example, and problems later develop in the older outdoor components, you may discover you have no warranty coverage on either the old or new parts.

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