Consider Lowering Your Water Heater Temperature to Save Money

Consider Lowering Your Water Heater Temperature to Save MoneyYour water heater may not be on your mind very much until you’re standing in a cold shower. If you’re trying to save energy in your Southwest Oklahoma home, however, you may want to give your water heater a second thought. Keep reading to learn how turning back water heater temperature holds great potential for saving energy dollars.

Lowering Water Heater Temperature

Water heaters use energy to heat fresh intake water that replaces demand hot water and to re-heat stored water. The higher the temperature, the harder your water heater must work. Many water heater manufacturers set water heater temperature to 140 degrees out the factory door. Temperatures this high are fine for a dishwasher, but 140 degrees can cause burns and scalding very quickly in a sink or bath.

If your hot water is more than 120 degrees, use the following tips to turn it back:

Electric Water Heater

  • Remove the panel on the bottom side of the water heater to access the thermostat dial.
  • Turn it back towards “low” setting.
  • Wait three to four hours.
  • Test the hot water temperature with a thermometer at the faucet farthest from your water heater. Is it 120 degrees as suggested by Energy Star? Repeat as needed.

Gas Water Heater

  • The only difference between adjusting the temperature with a gas and electric water heater is that the thermostat for gas water heaters is located near the bottom on the gas valve.
  • Repeat the steps for “Electric Water Heater.”

More Savings

If you’re uninspired to lower the temperature of your hot water, you can boost the temperature in other ways and save even more energy.

  • Wrap all hot water piping with foam or fiberglass insulation sleeves. Also, wrap the freshwater intake pipe on your water heater.
  • Drain a quart of water from the water heater each month to remove sediment and improve heat transfer.
  • Wrap up your water heater with water heater blanket insulation.

For help with lowering your water heater temperature, to schedule service or for more energy saving tips, please contact the pros at Davis Air Conditioning in Southwest Oklahoma today.

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