Easy Ways to Spot a Humidity Problem in Your Home

Easy Ways to Spot a Humidity Problem in Your HomeHumidity in the home isn’t just an annoyance, it can cause major issues that aren’t always immediately apparent. Both your house and your family’s health are at risk since moisture in the home causes wood rot, mold, and structural decay, among other problems.

What Causes Indoor Humidity?

Moisture can enter the house in different ways: leaking pipes, windows, or roofs are major culprits and can be difficult to detect. Even condensation from cooking, showering, running the dishwasher, or drying laundry indoors can add a significant amount of water into the air.

Once inside, humidity can be difficult to detect, but it’s imperative that the source be found and remedied as soon as possible.

How to Spot a Problem with Indoor Moisture

Look for these signs as an indication of a humidity problem inside your home:

  • Physical evidence of water in the home. This normally shows up as condensation on cooler surfaces, such as windows, mirrors, and countertops. Damp carpets are also a sign.
  • Mildew or mold on walls, furniture, or clothing. Mildew and mold grow best in wet conditions and are a sure sign of a humidity problem.
  • Frequent allergies and respiratory issues. The mold and mildew mentioned above create spores that many people are highly allergic to. Even people who don’t have allergies will suffer respiratory illnesses if the problem is severe enough.
  • A damp or “mildewy” smell. Sometimes you have to follow your nose to see where the problem is originating.

What Can We Do About it?

Detecting a humidity problem can be tricky, but, thankfully, solving it doesn’t have to be. Installing a whole-house or one-room dehumidifier is one way to combat it. You can also ask your HVAC professional how to increase indoor and outdoor air exchange by using your existing heating and cooling system.

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