Why Do Maintenance Agreements Make Sense?

Why Do Maintenance Agreements Make Sense?The condition of your HVAC equipment directly affects the comfort level in your home, your yearly household energy costs, and even your family’s health and safety. When you opt for a yearly maintenance agreement with a trustworthy HVAC professional, you can rest easy that the HVAC system is receiving the preventive care that’s vital to keep it operating at peak performance.

Benefits of Signing an Annual Maintenance Agreement

In addition to the peace of mind of dealing with a reputable and familiar HVAC contractor who’ll remind you about scheduling critical maintenance, signing a yearly service agreement offers a number of other advantages:

  • Energy savings — The twice-a-year tuneups included in a maintenance plan keep your equipment running efficiently, which helps keep your energy consumption and heating and cooling costs in check.
  • Safe operation — When a skilled and experienced HVAC technician inspects critical heating system components like the gas lines, electrical wiring, heat exchanger, and burner every year, there’s less danger of fuel leaks, fires, or carbon monoxide exposure.
  • Fewer repair bills — A routine maintenance visit gives your HVAC technician an opportunity to identify and make you aware of any developing issues so they can be addressed before they escalate into costly repairs.
  • Priority service — When issues crop up with your home comfort equipment and you’re not covered by a maintenance plan, you can end up waiting in line to have the problem investigated and repaired. With a maintenance agreement in place, you’ll get priority service whenever you need help.
  • Cost savings — Signing up for annual maintenance saves you 15 percent on any services required throughout the year.
  • Warranty compliance — Equipment manufacturers typically require proof of preventive maintenance by a certified technician to cover a failed component that’s under warranty.
  • Prolonged system life — Having the heating and cooling system thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and tuned up on a semiannual basis keeps the various components in optimal condition and can help extend their useful life span.

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