How Can Duct Sealing Improve Your Home Comfort?

How Can Duct Sealing Improve Your Home Comfort?There are many systems that contribute to a comfortable home. For one, tight sealing and ample insulation are prerequisites for maximizing comfort and driving efficiency. Your A/C and furnace are comfort and energy-budget makers or breakers, too. Often tucked away out of sight and forgotten, the air ducts are essential for maximizing home comfort. If leaky ducts are compromising your comfort, read on to learn how professional duct sealing can help.

Benefits of Professional Duct-Sealing

The ductwork system is a channel of connecting tubes that deliver cooled and heated airflow to your home. Ducts are generally installed out of sight in the attic, basement, crawl spaces, and walls. When leaks develop, they are not always immediately noticeable. If your comfort is suffering from uneven temperatures, however, there’s certainly a problem with the ducts. Following are benefits of sealing your ducts up tight:

  • Improved comfort: Duct airflow needs to be balanced to keep your home comfortable. Sealing duct leaks can deliver even temperatures and enhanced comfort.
  • Better indoor air quality: Tight ducts prevent contaminants and possibly harmful fumes from being sucked inside and circulated throughout your home.
  • Lower energy bills: Leaky ducts equal a leaky energy budget. Seal your ducts and save money month after month.

Sealing Your Air Ducts

The attic, basement, and crawl spaces aren’t the most pleasant areas in your home for do-it-yourself projects. Additionally, your HVAC professional will seal up your air ducts tight to last through the years. Here’s how:

  • Measuring air pressure: A flow hood test and manometer measures air pressure at supply and return vents.
  • Temperature and humidity level: A hygrometer is used to measure heat transfer and indoor humidity at the heat exchanger and blower.
  • Duct leaks: A duct blaster test pressurizes the ducts to measure the leakage rate and to find the duct leaks.
  • Sealing materials: Mastic, metal tape, and joint collars are HVAC-industry approved duct sealants. Mastic seals ducts airtight. Metal tape and joint collars are applied to give duct seams strength.

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