Tackling the Issue of Hot and Cold Spots in Your Home

Tackling the Issue of Hot and Cold Spots in Your HomeIn nearly every home, there annoying hot and cold spots where the temperature set on the thermostat doesn’t match what you’re feeling in that area. You’ll often find these on different levels of the home, or sometimes in specific rooms. So, how do you combat the problem?

Typical Air Flow Problems and Their Solutions

Placement of thermostat – The thermostat will only measure the temperature of the air where it is located. If that area is always hotter or cooler than other areas in the home, it will affect how often the air conditioning or heating turns on. You can have a professional move the thermostat to a part of your house that better reflects the overall temperature.

Localized poor air flow – You can use ceiling fans to help keep air circulating if you find that one room has pockets of warm or cool air. Also, ensure that ducts aren’t obstructed or closed in the room.

One hot or cold room – Look for sources of heat, such as computer towers, southern-facing windows or incandescent light bulbs. Check for drafts around windows and exterior doors. Some of these issues can be fixed, such as trading incandescent lights for compact fluorescent bulbs or resealing drafty windows.

More Professional Help and Options

Sometimes, despite your best efforts at solving hot and cold spots in your home, the problem still remains. In houses with more than one level, heat will rise, causing the upper floors to be warmer than the downstairs. In older homes, the furnace or air conditioning unit may not be centralized, making it nearly impossible for the conditioned air to reach all parts of the home.

Having a professional add dampers to the existing ducts, which are controlled by multiple thermostats around the house, will effectively solve the issue. Homeowners can also look into “zoned comfort control,” where multiple thermostats control separate ductless mini-split units.

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