How You Can Save Money on Energy During Cooler Weather

How You Can Save Money on Energy During Cooler Weather
Staying warm during southwestern Oklahoma’s chilly winters doesn’t have to be a drain on your bank account. A few simple techniques to improve your home’s energy efficiency will keep you more comfortable for less money.

Get Your Furnace Ready

Before the cold weather hits, schedule routine professional maintenance for your furnace. Common problems such as dust buildup and loose wires drag down your system’s energy efficiency, but a professional can correct these issues so your system runs efficiently, safely and reliably.

A dirty air filter also reduces your furnace’s efficiency. Throughout the heating season, check your air filter every month and replace it when you see a buildup of dust. Low-efficiency filters should be replaced monthly.

If it’s been five or more years since your last duct inspection, it’s time to schedule another. Over time, duct joints loosen and their seals wear out, causing air leakage. Leaks can waste up to 30 percent of your air and cause moisture problems in your attic. A professional can seal your duct joints and add duct insulation so more warm air reaches you.

Take Control of Your Home’s Temperatures

Keep your thermostat at 68 degrees or lower. Every degree you lower your temperature below 68 degrees for eight hours or more can significantly lower your heating bill. Installing a programmable thermostat makes it easy to run your furnace at energy-saving temperatures and still stay comfortable any time of day.

Set your ceiling fans to rotate clockwise and run them on the lowest speed. This creates an updraft that circulates warm air so more of it stays near you instead of pooling at the ceiling.

Hang insulated curtains or heavy drapes over your windows and close them at night. Keep them open on sunny days to take advantage of the natural warmth.

Winter darkness means keeping the lights on more, but you can control your energy use by upgrading to halogen incandescents, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) or LED lamps.

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