Checklist for Conducting a Home Energy Evaluation

Checklist for Conducting a Home Energy EvaluationIf you suspect there’s energy being wasted in your home, you’re likely trying to figure out what to do about it. The bad news is that you’re probably wasting a lot more energy than you could ever imagine. The good news is that a comprehensive home energy evaluation can help you learn how much energy is being wasted, where it’s going, and how to stop it.

Once you know where energy waste and inefficiency is happening, you can address some issues yourself and hire a professional to take care of more serious problems.

What’s Involved in a Home Energy Evaluation?

The energy auditor(s) will inspect the entire home, particularly your heating and cooling system and ductwork. However, he or she will also look at windows and doors, attic insulation, and other areas of potential energy waste.

He’ll check out the past three to five years of energy bills to determine your family’s energy use. Most electric and gas companies provide comparative information for their customers, which appears on energy bills.

The energy auditor(s) will conduct tests to determine where energy is being lost, including a blower-door test, in which a powerful fan is inserted into a door frame, pointed outside. When the fan is turned on, it sucks air outside, effectively depressurizing the house. Sophisticated gauges and imaging equipment measure and detect how quickly – and where – air leaks back into the house. Thermographic imaging can tell where insulation is lacking in your home’s outer envelope.

What’s the Next Step?

You’ll get a report of your home’s energy efficiency with detailed recommendations for ways to cut down on energy waste. Some of these recommendations can be done on your own, such as sealing air leaks in windows, doors and outside walls; switching incandescent light bulbs with efficient CFLs and LEDs; and adding insulation to the water heater and hot-water pipes. Other steps will require professional help, such as upgrading old, inefficient heating and cooling equipment; replacing dilapidated ductwork; and replacing old, leaky windows.

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