How Can a Humidifier Improve Home Comfort?

How Can a Humidifier Improve Home Comfort?One positive aspect of winter is that for a few months you can say goodbye to the high humidity of other seasons. Yet, dry air comes with its own set of comfort and health issues. With cool air carrying less moisture and forced-air home heating drying the air even more, indoor air can benefit from more moisture during the winter months. This is why many homeowners invest in a whole-house humidifier, or portable humidifiers for localized problems.

Why Dry Air isn’t Enjoyable

  • Home comfort suffers. Dry indoor air can dry your skin, crack your lips, and irritate nasal passages. Static electricity can give painful shocks. Since dry air feels cooler than moist air, a hard-to-shake winter chill can pervade an unusually dry home environment.
  • Health issues increase. Allergens and other airborne contaminants stay suspended longer in dry air, without droplets of moisture to bring them to earth. That provides more opportunity for them to invade nasal passages and throats.
  • You turn up the heat. Because dry air feels cooler than humid air, you end up using more heat than you would otherwise, and that costs money.
  • Home furnishing and fixtures don’t fare well in dry air. You’ll find tables, paneling and other wood items warping and cracking as the dry air sucks the moisture out of them.

A whole-house humidifier is an effective way to bring indoor humidity back to healthy and comfortable levels during the winter. It’s installed as part of your forced-air heating system, so that all of the air circulating in your home picks up moisture as it passes through the device. You can set a dial – the hygrometer – so just the right amount of moisture is added to the indoor air. These systems are connected to your household plumbing, so there’s no need to manually add water.

To humidify just one part of the house, portable humidifiers are an affordable and effective choice that can be moved from room to room.

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