Here’s How You Should Troubleshoot Common Furnace Problems

Here’s How You Should Troubleshoot Common Furnace ProblemsFurnace malfunctions can be a serious aggravation, but they’re not necessarily a reason to panic. There are several furnace troubleshooting tips you can apply when your furnace acts up that may restore system function without needing to call for professional repair.

  • Ensure the furnace is receiving power: Make sure your furnace is receiving electrical power and that the circuit breakers for the furnace have not tripped. Reset the breakers and see if the furnace restarts. If the breakers keep tripping, you should have an electrical or HVAC professional check for problems.
  • Check the air filters: Dirty, clogged air filters are a major source of furnace problems. They can block air flow that the system needs to function and cause equipment malfunctions. If the filters are dirty, put in fresh, new filters to see if that allows the furnace to work again.
  • Check the thermostat: Take a look at the thermostat to make sure it’s set for a seasonally appropriate temperature. If you have a programmable model, also check to ensure the unit is set to provide heating. Make sure the thermostat is operational and is receiving power; change the batteries if necessary.
  • Check fuel supplies: If you have a gas or oil-fueled furnace, make sure the system is receiving adequate fuel to operate. Ensure the gas supply is still active and that your oil tank still has fuel in it. Make sure all valves are open and supply lines aren’t damaged and are providing fuel.
  • Check pilot light: If you have a pilot light for your furnace, make sure it is lit and working properly. Ensure electronic ignition units are working correctly if you have one.
  • Clear vents and registers: Make sure supply and return vents and registers are not blocked by furniture, clothing, boxes or other objects that could interfere with airflow.

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