Resolve to Have a Happy HVAC System this New Year

Resolve to Have a Happy HVAC System this New YearWhile you are making your New Year’s resolutions, include your home’s HVAC system this year. All steps you take to benefit your heating and cooling system will benefit you in terms of home comfort, improved safety and lower energy bills. Here are HVAC resolutions to add to your list.

Reduce the Heating and Cooling Load

Heat gain and heat loss strain your HVAC system because it has to do more work. Here are specific steps to take to prevent winter heat loss and summer heat gain.

  • Add insulation. Add loose-fill or batt insulation on top of existing insulation in your attic. Hire a contractor to check insulation in your walls and blow in loose-fill insulation, if necessary. In addition, make sure your water heater, plumbing pipes and ductwork have any required insulation to prevent heat transfer.
  • Weatherize windows. If windows are not weatherized, your home will be colder in winter and hotter in summer. Seal gaps or leaks around the frame with caulk and add weather-stripping to the sash. Thermal window dressings are also important for keeping out solar heat when summer comes around.
  • Evaluate landscaping for shade and wind blocks. Consider adding trees or landscape architecture to offer shade to the home and block the wind.
  • Seal air leaks in the home’s thermal frame and in the ductwork. All breaches that allow outside air to mix with indoor air cost you money and make your heating and cooling less efficient.

Keep your HVAC System Clean and Maintained

It can be easy to forget to check the heating and cooling system until it starts to malfunction. Make a resolution to keep it cleaner by using a high quality filter and changing it every month. This prevents airflow problems and keeps the mechanical components in better working shape. Remember to schedule a spring and fall HVAC checkup so that problems are caught early and the system remains well functioning.

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