Myths About Saving Energy and What to Do Instead

Myths About Saving Energy and What to Do InsteadAs with any other area of life, there’s plenty of inaccurate information circulating about saving energy in modern homes. Unfortunately, these myths can keep you from saving both energy and money. Following are some of the most common myths:

Myth: You can save more energy by leaving appliances, lights and fans operating than by turning them on and off.
Truth: In this case, the obvious answer is the right one – when electricity isn’t being used, it’s not being wasted. Turn off fans and lights when leaving rooms, and turn off electronics and computers when you’re away from them for more than a few hours.

Myth: Close vents in unused rooms and areas to save energy.
Truth: You can probably get away with closing heating or cooling vents in one or two small rooms, but no more than that. Your central heating and cooling system probably has been sized to satisfy comfort requirements in your size and type of home. Reducing the area that’s being heated or cooled likely will result in short-cycling (with wasted energy and stressed components) and uneven comfort levels. It also can spring leaks in ductwork when moving air has nowhere to go and forces open seams between duct sections.

Myth: Saving energy is easiest when you leave the thermostat at one temperature.
Truth: While it’s true that you shouldn’t change thermostat settings all the time, or set them back by large margins, you will save energy by adjusting temperatures up or down to accommodate times when you’re at work or sleeping. There’s no reason to fully heat or cool a home while you’re at work for nine hours. A programmable thermostat will help match your home’s heating and cooling to your daily and weekly schedule.

Myth: An HVAC filter’s main purpose is to improve indoor air quality.
Truth: In most forced-air systems, the filter’s main purpose is to keep dust and debris out of system components.

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