Tips for Maintaining Your Home’s Heat Pump

Tips for Maintaining Your Home’s Heat PumpIf you recently upgraded your home HVAC system to a heat pump, don’t make the mistake of thinking your responsibilities are over. In order for this high-tech equipment to operate optimally and efficiently, proper heat pump maintenance is essential. This means both professional maintenance (ideally twice a year) and simpler tasks that you can do yourself.

Do-it-Yourself Heat Pump Tasks

  • Change the filter on your air handler. As with any forced-air HVAC system, an electric heat pump requires effective airflow. If the air filter gets clogged with dust and debris, the air handler motor will have to work harder to blow air across the coils and through ductwork into the home. This will waste energy, stress components of the system, including the blower motor and condenser, and shortchange comfort in parts of your home. Keeping the filter clean also will help preserve indoor air quality. Get in the habit of checking the filter every month and changing it when it looks clogged with dust.
  • Maintain the area around the outside unit. Make sure to periodically remove leaves, grass clippings, sticks, toys and other yard debris from around the outside condenser/compressor unit. This will allow for free airflow through the coils in the unit.
  • Clean the outside unit. This can be as simple as spraying the unit, clearing away easily removed debris and gunk. If you’re especially handy, open up the condenser unit and use a wet rag to remove dirt from the fan blades. A shop-vac can be employed to clean the fan shaft and motor. Use a whisk broom to clear dirt from the coil and/or water or foam cleaner to spray away dirt on the coil.

Professional Maintenance

A heat pump maintenance tuneup may involve the tasks already listed, as well as inspecting, lubricating and cleaning the blower motor/air handler and condenser, checking and testing all electrical connections, measuring and adjusting refrigerant levels, checking and adjusting airflow, cleaning condensate pipes and pans, and checking the thermostat for proper operation.

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