Things to Consider When Installing a Furnace

Things to Consider When Installing a FurnaceIn order to get the most from your new furnace, you’ll want to make sure you consider a number of important factors. If you don’t consider such things as proper sizing or efficiency level, your furnace probably won’t heat your home efficiently or effectively. Following are some important factors to consider with a furnace installation.

Type of fuel. This is a fundamental decision you’ll need to make: whether to purchase a furnace that burns natural gas (the most common), propane or fuel oil. Other options include split-system heat pumps, ductless mini splits, electric heating, boilers and more. If your home is already served by a natural gas line and is set up with venting and ductwork for a combustion furnace, natural gas is probably your best bet. Talk to your trusted HVAC contractor about your options.

Furnace sizing. For many homeowners, a common mistake is to install a furnace or heat pump that’s either too small or too large for their home. Before recommending a certain type and size of furnace, your HVAC contractor should calculate your home’s heating load, which is simply how much heating is required to make the home comfortable. The heating load is based on the size of the home, as well as its level of airtightness and insulation, types of windows, orientation to the sun, and more. Oversizing or undersizing a heating system can result in long-term energy waste, unnecessary stress on parts, and uneven or inadequate heating, among other issues.

Efficiency. Furnaces and heat pumps come with a wide range of options in energy efficiency. The more efficient the system uses energy, the cheaper it is to operate, but the more it will cost. You’ll need to weigh the pros and cons of upfront and long-range costs. In general, the colder and longer the winter, the more value you’ll get out of a high-efficiency furnace.

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